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Since the age of fifteen, I have worked as a model and actress in the advertising industry. During this time I learned an incredible amount about marketing and brand building. After studying opera singing, I immersed myself in the field of psychology. The human psyche has always fascinated me. I also wanted to understand why some singers suffer extremely from stage fright and others not at all. Regardless of their ability and level of success. After more than 10 years of accompanying people as a therapist and coach, I have now founded my own company JHB Consulting. In which we cover all topics in which artists need support. No matter if career, marketing and branding, finances or life counseling and coaching. We are the number one contact point. Artists must learn to take responsibility for themselves and their lives. An industry is only as successful as the people who work in it. Nowadays it is extremely important to market yourself as an artist, to tell your own stories with passion and to inspire people. That's the only way a rather conservative art form like opera has a chance of surviving in this age of digitalization. At the same time, we support artists in develop a second mainstay to be able to practice their art with joy and without pressure. 

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